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Raisio’s new values guide towards the target culture

Together, we are building the new Raisio: Raisio’s purpose defined in 2018 sets us a clear direction. Raisio’s new values – courage, fairness and drive – guide us towards our target culture; they help us decide whether our choices are ok: do we work with courage, fairness and drive? To implement our purpose and strategy, we need to operate in line with our values.

Values create the basis for all our work and guide the decision-making. All Raisio staff participated in the value work. In the workshops, Raisio’s employees talked about the drafts prepared by the management and presented their own value proposals they considered important. 

Raisio’s values were prepared based on the results of these workshops; the values that show the common understanding of the entire staff. Courage, fairness and drive were chosen as Raisio’s values. 

Leadership principles support the implementation of values

Raisio’s leadership principles were defined to support the value-based activities in practice. Raisio’s leadership principles are the Reformer, Bridge-Builder, Leader by Example, Guide and Success Enabler. 

Our leadership principles define the ways of leading at Raisio. Our superiors and managers are provided with training on the leadership principles. 

Everyone at Raisio is committed to work in line with the set values. The implementation of values is annually assessed through performance appraisals and personnel surveys. 

Raisio’s values


We have ambitious goals and the courage to boldly pursue them. We want to succeed together and we encourage each other. Close cooperation enables better results. We dare to seize opportunities, to make bold decisions and to learn through experience. We have a positive can-do attitude. 


We act fairly and honestly. Our open and consistent way of working reinforces trust. What we say is what we do. We also dare to address difficult issues, and feedback moves us forward.  We respect each other and value each other’s work.


We have a desire to succeed. Opportunities and challenges inspire us. A good working atmosphere is based on respect and humanity. Good leadership, engagement and commitment drive better performance. Our success motivates us, and we thank people for a job well done.