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Benecol is Raisio’s top innovation and the company’s most international brand. Millions of consumers use Benecol products daily for cholesterol lowering.

Raisio is responsible for the sales and marketing of Benecol products in its own markets in the UK, Ireland, Belgium, Finland, Poland and Hong Kong, and for the sales of plant stanol ester, the Benecol product ingredient, to its European, Asian and American licensing partners. 

Novelties to new categories 

In the summer 2018, Raisio launched Benecol novelties into new product categories and sales channels. New Benecol snack bars are available in the UK, Finland and Poland, and Benecol Greek Style yogurt in the UK, Finland and Belgium. 

Sales of the Benecol snack bars expanded to pharmacies in the UK. In addition, sales of the Benecol products expanded into over 5,500 new retail stores. The novelty launches were boosted with advertising campaigns increasing the brand awareness and consumer interest to try Benecol. 

Delicious food concept inspires to try 

Delicious food was highlighted in the marketing communications, which inspires consumers to lower their cholesterol with tasty, convenient Benecol products. Our new marketing messaging raised younger consumers’ interest and they have increased experimenting the cholesterol-lowering Benecol products. 

Healthcare professionals important influencers 

For its key markets, Raisio set up an organisation to increase the knowledge of healthcare professionals on the importance of lowering of elevated cholesterol. 

The goal is to encourage healthcare professionals to recommend Benecol products to their customers as part of a healthy diet. Healthcare professionals' recommendations are of great importance to consumers with elevated cholesterol levels.

Some 80 clinical trials have confirmed the effectiveness and safety of Benecol products.