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Added social value with ecological and healthy Benella

Raisioaqua surveyed and modelled Benella’s social impact. Benella’s impact on the public health and its positive effects on the Baltic Sea nutrient load were identified as the key themes. Both directly support Benella’s brand promise: Fish that is good for you.

The Benella Rainbow Trout feeding concept makes sure that the healthy EPA and DHA fatty acids are at least at recommended levels. In 2017, EPA and DHA fatty acids in Benella Rainbow Trout met the annual need of 152,000 Finns. Sufficient intake of good fatty acids reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases and helps prevent significant costs to society caused by these diseases.

Benella restraining eutrophication in the Baltic Sea

Benella Rainbow Trout are fed with Raisio’s Baltic Blend feeds. Finnish fish meal and oil made from the abundant Baltic herring and sprat are used as raw materials in these feeds. The use of Baltic herring and sprat as feed raw material significantly reduces the nutrient load from fish farming in the Baltic Sea. With the Baltic Blend’s raw materials, more phosphorus is removed from the Baltic Sea than the entire Finnish fish farming produces, and the nitrogen load in waterways caused by fish farming is reduced by 75 per cent. With Benella Rainbow Trout farming, the amount of phosphorus removed from the Baltic Sea was equivalent to an annual load of 33,000 people in 2017. 

By choosing Benella Rainbow Trout on a plate, consumers make a good choice for their health and for the Baltic Sea.