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Elovena Muru Oat Mince is Raisio’s latest innovation 

Raisio launched a new oat innovation in Finland in the autumn 2018. Elovena Muru Oat Mince is a convenient product with plenty of protein and fibre. This new, healthy plant protein suits flexitarians and vegans. Elovena Muru Oat Mince contains 41 per cent of oat, which is clearly more than in other plant protein products.

In addition to Finnish oat, Elovena Muru Oat Mince has only four other raw materials: pea protein, potato protein, salt and water. Elovena Muru is rich in fibre and contains as much protein as minced meat. The product is made in Finland.

Use Elovena Muru Oat Mince like minced meat

Elovena Muru has a neutral flavour and can be used quite in the same way as minced meat; it is ideal to anyone who wants to increase the share of plant-based food in their diet. For example, Elovena Muru can replace part of minced meat in the recipe. 

Interest in plant proteins on the rise

Interest in plant-based food is rising sharply. Raisio’s consumer study showed that many consumers want to increase the share of plant-based food in their diet and already more than half of the households have bought meat-free protein products. In 2017, sales in plant protein products in Finland totalled some EUR 17 million. 

Plenty of fibre and protein

Oat demand also continues to boom. For example, sales in Raisio's Elovena products have tripled over the past ten years. With Elovena Muru Oat Mince, Raisio has gained a strong foothold in the rapidly growing market of plant protein products.

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