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Energy use, carbon dioxide emissions and material efficiency at the core of the environmental responsibility

Raisio takes environmental impacts into account widely in its operations and requires active efforts from its suppliers to minimise their environmental impact. In its environmental responsibility work, Raisio focuses on reducing energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions, and on improving material efficiency. Climate change is the Group’s most significant environmental risk.

Raisio reports the environmental impacts arising from its production for continuing operations. In 2018, Raisio had four production plants, all in Finland.

Raisio operates in accordance with the rules and regulations. No significant environmental damages were identified in the Group’s offices and the Group received no fines or sanctions for violations of environmental legislation in 2018.

Raisio’s production plants are not located in protected areas or in areas of high biodiversity value, or in their immediate vicinity. All Raisio’s production plants have the ISO 14001 environmental certification.

Achievement of the targets set in the responsibility programme 2016-2018

Target Result
We will enhance the energy use.  Despite our energy efficiency actions, the total energy consumption increased in the review period. We continue our efforts to improve energy efficiency. 
We will perform energy audits at all our production plants at least every two years.   Work in progress.  
We will analyse material efficiency in terms of raw materials and other production inputs.  We will decrease waste at our production plants.  Raisio has been actively involved in developing the material efficiency commitment of the food industry. The side streams of Raisio’s production, such as oat hull, are effectively utilised. We strive to minimise material losses.
We will only use recyclable materials in our product packages.    More than half of our packaging is made of recyclable carton and the rest is mainly plastics. The recyclability of plastic varies in different markets.  
We continue to develop and commercialise innovations that benefit the environment and our customers. The Baltic Blend fish feed innovation launched in 2016 proven to lower the fish farming’s phosphorus load into waterways. It also recycles the Baltic Sea nutrients. Raisio’s latest oat innovation, Elovena Muru Oat Mince rich in protein. Muru is an easy-to-use plant protein product.