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Healthy, balanced food 

Consumers value their health. This is why we have determinedly developed our product range healthier. During our responsibility programme 2016-2018, we launched several healthy novelties and reduced the amount sugar and salt in our existing products.

Main events in 2018

  • We achieved the healthiness target set on Raisio’s products: 69 (65) per cent of our foods were healthy alternatives in their own categories, i.e. they met our healthiness criteria. Our goal in the responsibility programme was to have 2/3 healthy products at the end of 2018.
  • Our oat innovation, Elovena Muru Oat Mince with plenty of fibre and protein was launched in the autumn 2018.
  • The availability and recognition of the farmed, healthy Benella Fish improved significantly. 

Raisio’s strategic focus is on healthy and tasty food. With healthy food, Raisio relies on the generally approved concepts confirmed by the science of nutrition. We pay special attention to the good taste, amount of wholemeal and fibre, quality of fat and the amount of sugar and salt. 

In the product development, we use the company’s own category-specific healthiness criteria, in which all important health-related aspects are taken into account. The criteria are based on the expert group recommendations, such as the Heart Symbol and Nyckelhålet criteria. 

Consumers face flow of information related to food healthiness, which may cause uncertainty about healthy choices; Raisio has identified this as a risk related to the healthiness of food. Raisio communicates responsibly on nutrition and product healthiness in line with the nutrition recommendations. 

Raisio has cholesterol-lowering Benecol products and grain-based Elovena, Nalle, Sunnuntai, Provena, Torino and Nordic products. The company’s key brands are Benecol and Elovena; their brand promise is strongly health-related. Furthermore, healthy and eco-friendly Benella Fish is produced using Raisioaqua's fish feeds.

Benecol products are proven to lower cholesterol safely and effectively. Good properties of Elovena products are based on nutritionally versatile wholemeal oat with nutrients in a suitable proportion: carbon hydrates, protein, fat, minerals and vitamins B.

New products 2018

  • Elovena Muru Oat Mince is a convenient product with plenty of protein and fibre.
  • Thanks to protein and oats, Elovena instant porridges keep hunger at bay for a long time. 
  • Cholesterol-lowering Benecol Greek Style yogurts are suitable for cooking and snacking. 
  • Benecol snack bars are a convenient, easy way to lower cholesterol. 

Cooperation with organisations

  • Raisio collaborates with several organisations promoting heart health, such as European Atherosclerosis Society, Heart UK and Finnish Heart Association.
  • Raisio and the Finnish Athletics Federation (SUL) continued their long-term cooperation in the children’s nutrition and physical education. Elovena Power Days were organised in primary schools around Finland.

Achievement of the targets set in the responsibility programme 2016-2018

Target Result
2/3 of our foods are healthier alternatives in their own categories. 69% of our foods were healthy alternatives in their own categories at the end of 2018.
We develop fish feed innovations promoting well-being of people and animals. Benella Fish launched in 2016 is fed using Raisio’s feeding concept ensuring the recommended levels of good EPA and DHA fatty acids in the fish. Farming of Benella Fish reduces significantly the nutrient load from fish farming in the Baltic Sea.