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Operating environment 

Raisio is an international brand house focusing on healthy, responsibly produced food and fish feeds. Raisio’s key markets include Finland, the UK, Ireland, Poland and Russia.

Healthy Food 

Global phenomena, such as climate change, Earth’s limited resources, demographic change, technological breakthroughs and faster information flow have an impact on consumers’ everyday life and their purchasing decisions. This will be seen in many ways: consumers make responsible choices, invest in health throughout the life and prefer easy-to-use products suitable for busy everyday life. 

When choosing responsibly produced food, consumers pay attention to the whole product lifecycle: from raw materials to production, distribution and consumption, all the way to the package recycling and food waste. As the proportion of people over the age of 60 continues to grow globally, taking care of health is increasingly important. Instead of seeking for short-term solutions, consumers have a holistic approach to their health and well-being.  

Health is #1 to consumers

Food is at the core of Raisio’s operations. We make responsible, healthy and tasty food for each moment of the day to make consumers’ everyday life easier. We determinedly develop our product range healthier taking consumers' changing needs into account. We want to be a forerunner in responsible food, and we have set ambitious goals for our responsibility work. In addition to profitable growth, our Healthy Growth Strategy 2019-2021 emphasises the commitment to healthy food and responsible business operations.

Finnish grain crop

Due to the exceptionally dry growth season, the Finnish grain harvest was only 2.7 million tons, which is about a third less than in a normal year. Harvest levels were clearly down also in Europe. Grain prices rose in Finland in the autumn by over 60 per cent, depending on the type of grain. In terms of quality, the 2018 harvest was clearly lower than in previous years. 

Exceptionally weak grain harvest 

Raisio is able to acquire Finnish oat and wheat sufficiently for its own use. The most challenging situation is with oat as the production outcome from the lower quality harvest is clearly smaller. Oat is Raisio’s most used grain and its use increased from the comparison year. Oat used by Raisio in its own products accounts for about 40 per cent of all oat processed in Finland for food use. 


The consumption of farmed fish is projected to grow globally by eight per cent by 2025. The EU aims to increase the production of farmed fish by five per cent annually. Finland and Sweden aim to double the aquaculture production over the next few years. Russia, too, is seeking a clear growth in the aquaculture production. 

Demand for farmed fish continues to grow

In Finland, demand for domestic fish continues to increase, but new fish farming licences and licences to increase the current quotas are rarely granted. Thanks to Raisioaqua’s environmentally friendly Baltic Blend feeds, farmers still believe in positive licensing processes. In Northwest Russia, the Baltic Countries and Sweden, innovative feed producers, such as Raisioaqua, have opportunities to increase their business.