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Raisio’s personnel 2018

Raisio’s long-term strategic goal is to be an attractive employer. In 2018, we laid the foundation for the company’s future success by, for example, defining our purpose and values and by drawing up a new strategy and responsibility programme.

Main events in 2018

  • Raisio Group employed 319 people at the end of 2018. Compared to 2017, the number of employees decreased due to the cattle feed business divestment.  
  • 79 percent of the personnel had completed the online training on the Raisio Code of Conduct. 

At the end of 2018, the Raisio Group’s continuing operations employed 319 people (399, the comparison figure includes the divested cattle feed business treated as a discontinued operation). The Healthy Food Division had 251 (248), Raisioaqua 20 (17) and service functions 48 (61) employees. At the end of 2018, a total of 22 (19) per cent of the personnel worked outside Finland. Raisio’s wages and fees for continuing operations in 2018 totalled EUR 23.1 (24.0) million including other personnel expenses. The ratio of CEO’s pay to that of the average worker in continuing operations was 8:1. When Raisio’s cattle feed business was divested, 70 employees transferred to the new owner. 

At the beginning of the year, the Group’s organisational structure and resources were directed to boost growth. In February, the company started statutory cooperation negotiations in Finland, concerning 115 employees, in order to secure its competitiveness and profitability. The negotiations concerned the Group services as well as the Healthy Food Division’s marketing, product development and finance department. The negotiations resulted in the termination of 20 employments. The terminations were carried out through retirements, voluntary arrangements and redundancies, and through the termination of fixed-term employment contracts. In addition, eight employments were terminated in connection of the improvement of Polish operations. New recruitments were made, e.g, for the marketing targeted at healthcare professionals.   

Raisio complies with the regulations of the International Labour Organization (ILO) and with local collective agreements, regulations and laws related to work in the countries where the company operates.  At Raisio, 52 per cent of the personnel are within collective agreements. HR management is also guided by internal policies and plans for, e.g. competence development and equality.

The Raisio Code of Conduct guides our daily work and define our unified way of working. The online training on the Code of Conduct is available in Finnish, English, Polish and Russian. The entire staff are expected to complete the training. 

In terms of social and HR matters, Raisio considers workplace accidents and the stability and availability of competent workers as its major risks. Risks are managed by developing the occupational safety culture and by determinedly promoting competence management and well-being at work.