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Responsible and healthy food at the heart of Raisio’s strategy 

Raisio is an international company focusing on healthy, responsibly produced food. In Raisio’s products, the focus is on well-being, health, good taste and sustainable development. One of Raisio’s strategic goals is to be a forerunner in responsibility. That is why the company has set ambitious targets for its responsibility work for 2019 - 2023. 

The company’s responsibility work is guided by Raisio’s purpose: Food for Health, Heart and Earth.

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Management of responsibility risks

Raisio has identified risks related to responsibility and assesses them systematically and regularly. The responsibility risk survey is updated annually. 

Climate change is the most significant environmental risk for Raisio. Extreme weather phenomena resulting from climate change affect energy prices as well as the quality, availability and prices of Raisio’s key raw materials, such as grains. The climate risk realised in 2018 when, due to the exceptionally dry growth season, the Finnish grain harvest was at its lowest in over 30 years and grain prices rose significantly. Grains account for about 75 per cent of Raisio’s raw materials. With its strong brands, Raisio was able to shift higher raw material costs to product prices. Raisio assumes its responsibility for climate change and aims at carbon neutral production by 2023.  

Raisio’s risk survey showed that major human right risks in raw materials are related to the purchase of soy, palm oil and cocoa. Raisio’s policy is to use only responsibility certified soy, palm oil and cocoa. 

The quality risks for raw materials and products are managed by enhancing product safety in all stages of the supply chain, from product development and procurement to manufacturing and distribution. The quality and safety of products are ensured with certifications, audits, staff training and effective processes.

Raisio’s strategic focus is on healthy and tasty food. As for the healthiness of food, consumers face information overflow that Raisio identifies as a risk, Raisio communicates responsibly on nutrition and product healthiness in line with the nutrition recommendations. 

In terms of social and HR matters, Raisio considers workplace accidents and the stability and availability of competent workers as its major risks. Risks are managed by developing the occupational safety culture and by determinedly promoting competence management and well-being at work.