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Raisio’s New Responsibility Programme 2019 - 2023

In 2018, Raisio outlined its new responsibility programme, the Good Food Plan for 2019 - 2023. Based on a stakeholder analysis, the new programme and its key targets were drawn up in cooperation with Raisio’s different businesses. The Plan defines five themes in which Raisio wants to become a leader in responsibility: environmentally friendly packaging, healthy food, food professionals, climate change and carbon neutrality, and sustainable food.

The Good Food Plan is part of the Group’s Healthy Growth Strategy; one of its goals is to be the leader in responsibility. The Plan sets ambitious goals for Raisio’s responsibility work and the implementation began at the beginning of 2019. 

Goals of Good Food Plan 2019-2023

Environmentally friendly packages

We will stop using plastic packages in our consumer products, and all our consumer product packages will be recyclable by 2023. We want to be a forerunner in  environmentally packaged foods.

  • We are looking for more environmentally friendly solutions to replace plastic packages
  • We help consumers recycle packages by providing clearer recycling instructions
  • We further enhance the recyclability of packages

Healthy Food

We make genuinely healthy food. In 2023, 80 per cent of our products will be healthy alternatives in their own categories.

  • We develop Raisio’s criteria for healthy food to make sure our products are in line with nutrition guidelines
  • We especially focus on the healthiness of Benecol and Elovena products
  • We have the ability to develop healthy foods to meet the growing international consumer demand

Food professionals

We strive for an excellent employee experience with support for healthy lifestyle. 

  • We support the well-being of our personnel by organising, for example, Health Days and training on nutrition
  • We ambitiously promote well-being at work
  • We reward our employees for a job well done
  • We prepare a competence development plan for all Raisio employees

Climate change and carbon neutrality

We aim to have carbon neutral production by 2023. We continue our ambitious work to reduce our carbon footprint.

  • We invest in carbon neutral energy solutions in our production plants
  • We encourage our subcontractors to reduce their carbon dioxide emissions
  • We increase the level of transparency about the environmental impact of our supply chain

Sustainable food

We promote the responsibility of our entire supply chain and expect commitment to respect human rights.

  • We further improve the sustainability of our procurement
  • We require transparency in the value chains of subcontracted products
  • We assess human rights risks in our supply chain