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Continuous dialogue with stakeholders

Dialogue between Raisio and its stakeholders is an important part of the company’s operations. The key themes of Raisio’s responsibility work, i.e. Materiality Assessment, are revised annually on the basis of stakeholder dialogues. Continuous open interaction is a vital part of the management of Raisio’s corporate responsibility.

At the end of 2017, Raisio carried out an extensive stakeholder analysis involving 1,400 consumers, customers, employees and investors from the company’s key markets. Based on the results of the analysis, we drew up key themes for our responsibility programme for 2019 - 2023. 

The table below shows Raisio’s key stakeholder groups and the ways we communicate with them. The groups selected to the table have been identified together with Raisio’s businesses.

Stakeholder Way of engagement
Personnel Continuous and open interaction in the work community, performance appraisals, staff info, superior letters, intranet, opinion surveys, working groups
Consumers Consumer service, product demonstrators, Sunnuntai and Elovena Clubs, social media, brand websites and sustainability communications online, newsletters, advertising, consumer surveys, PR
Customers (Healthy Food); e.g. retailers, wholesalers, bakeries and industry, catering, exports, partners Direct customer contacts, websites, extranet, events, fairs and exhibitions
Customers (Raisioaqua) fish farmers Direct contacts, events for producers, websites, customer magazine AquaMakasiini
Owners Meetings, events, annual general meeting, stock exchange releases and publications, annual report and corporate responsibility report, financial reports, websites
Institutional investors and analysts Roadshows, meetings and events for investors, Capital Markets Day, stock exchange releases and publications, financial reports, annual report and corporate responsibility report
Financiers Meetings, stock exchange releases, publications, financial reports
Authorities Meetings, influencing in organisations, Raisio's memberships
Subcontractors Direct contacts, meetings, audits, Supplier Code of Conduct, Supplier Self-Audit 
Partners Direct contact, meetings
Suppliers, contract farmers Direct contacts, meetings, audits, Supplier Code of Conduct, Supplier Self-Audit, Contract Farmer Days, fairs and seminars
Media Direct contacts, meetings, interviews, press conferences, seminars, releases, social media, websites
Local communities Events, company visits, websites, projects (e.g.  Me & MyCity, Southwest Finland)
Schools and institutions Sponsor schools, speaker visits, company visits, projects
Universities Personal contacts, research cooperation, projects, cooperation through Raisio's Research Foundation
Organisations and memberships Meetings, Raisio's representation and memberships in organisations, websites 
Food, nutrition and health experts Meetings, newsletters, brochures
Trade unions Meetings, agreements, cooperation with other companies, development projects