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Well-being and safety at work

In 2018, we enhanced work well-being by defining new values together with the whole staff: courage, fairness and drive. We build new Raisio together, and our values guide us toward our target culture. Work safety was improved by collecting preventive safety observations and by developing our activities in line with them.

Main events in 2018

  • Employees participated in value workshops and many discussions related to the definition of values.
  • Predictive work safety indicators were introduced; these indicators helped us focus on the prevention of workplace accidents. 

Raisio promotes workplace well-being by focusing on good leadership practices and supervisory work, effective interaction and internal communications, as well as in the promotion of a good, confidential working environment. Work well-being is measured every second year through the personnel survey. The next survey will be conducted in 2019. Based on the previous survey, the development projects started were continued in 2018. 

Raisio’s new values create the foundation for all our work and guide the decision-making. The implementation of values is annually assessed through, for example, performance appraisals and personnel surveys. Raisio’s leadership principles were defined to support value-based activities in practice. Our superiors were trained on the principles of leadership. In their performance appraisals, superiors self-assess their activities in relation to these principles. 

Work safety culture strengthened

Accident prevention is the priority of Raisio’s safety work. In 2018, the company’s work safety culture was further strengthened through many safety trainings. The training focus was on the reporting of proactive measures, such as safety observations and near miss cases, and on the importance of corrective actions in the safety work. The company introduced a new tool for safety reporting that makes the organisation and reporting of safety work faster and easier. The tool helps us react more quickly especially to the proactive observations and thus, contribute to safety. 

We make annual action plans to improve workplace safety. Raisio has well-functioning safety organisations. In addition, we conduct occupational health and safety inspections and rounds and we investigate each accident in accordance with our guidelines. 

Achievement of the targets set in the responsibility programme 2016-2018

Target Result
Continuous reduction in the frequency of workplace accidents The number of accidents has decreased. In 2018, proactive safety indicators were introduced and safety culture was further developed.
Continuous reduction in sickness absences Goal achieved. The average number of sickness absences 2.0% of theoretical working time in 2018.
Improved employee satisfaction No comparable results available. In the latest survey in 2017, employee satisfaction was at a good level (3.9/5).
Continuous development of employees and the scope of performance appraisals toward the target of 100 per cent. The scope of performance appraisals 90%.